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Hey Lethalians, Lethal designs have just announced with the creation and finalisation of their website that they have decided to hire content creators, Theres ovbiously a few requirements for these positions but all come with some amazing perks:

  • Your news article will be featured on the @Lethalenery Twitter.
  • You will be ranked within the website.
  • You have the ability to add ‘LD Content Creator’ to your twitter Bio!

Now with the perks comes the downfall, the requirements..

  • Must have applied for Lethal Energy.
  • Follow both @LethalEnergy and @Lethal_Studio on twitter.
  • Have some knowledge of article creation/ Basic writing & English skills.

If you qualify for them then Apply by clicking below! Your application will be processed and you’ll find out within twitter if you have been successful.


Thank you!

  • Lethal Studios

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