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Hey guys, some of you may of noticed the change but Lethal Energy have undergone a massive update to their website design, with this chosen design we aim to provide you with as much information about our community and how to join ect in as small area but still keep it organised and professional.

We have a few new added pages such as Team page, Sponsors. We hope you can take notice in this and that it provides you with as much information as we want it to about the inside of Lethal energy.


With our divisions we’ve chosen to keep the 3 main divisions of Lethal energy; PSN, Xbox and our newest additon U.S division. theres been alot of confusion with the U.S division which we hope to explain below.


PSN Division: The PSN division is one of the main original divisions of Lethal energy, they have a small rank Hierarchy which has Leaders, captains and sectioned groups that the captains can manage.


Xbox Division: The Xbox division is also one of the main original divisions of Lethal Energy, they have No hierarchy. Xbox only contains the Clan leader, the division leader and its members.


U.S Division: The U.S division is our newest addition, this isnt related towards Lethal Energy and is known as ‘Lethal Legends’, These have seperate applications which LE has no control over who joins and who has the right to apply. They have their own requirements which as a community agree with 100%.



Well thats it for now, make sure to browse our site and get familiar with it, if you’re not a member of Lethal Energy or Lethal Legends make sure to apply now whilst our recruitment is online, Remember to keep it Lethal.

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