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Hey guys,

Today Lethal Energy would like to officially announce that we have a new sponsor in the form of @Soardogg, He’s been a great first choice for us as our allies Lethal Legends have reccomended him and we’re interested in branching out to have merch for our members and Fan of LE.

Not only is Soardogg amazing at what he does but he also ships to the EU which gives us the thumbs up to be with him, this is where the new journey starts and we wish all the best for the upcoming events of being with Soardogg.

We’re also reaching out to anyone who fancies themselves as a bit of a designer to go nuts with creating concept logos that can possibly be used on our designs for the #SDCrew shop.

The best and most unique LE logos will be chosen as a design.

Thanks for viewing remember to #KeepitLethal

– LethalEnergy Management

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