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Hey guys, some of you may have noticed Lethal Energy has been expanding massively for the past couple of weeks/ Months. we have great plans for the future of where we want to be, This ranges from possible new sponsorships to new alliances.

we’ve been on a massive recruitment drive to grab members from around the network to join our organisation, we have news of Captains of Lethal energy creating Comp teams for ranked play during the Season 2 of Call of duty: WW2. this will expand us as a clan but the comp teams will not be under Lethal Energy’s name.

in a past post i mentioned recruitment for Lethal designs, which is still ongoing we’re always on the lookout for designers to work for us and be apart of our community.

We have been in contact with a few companies recently to upgrade our sponsorships and gain more ackknowledgement, we’ll post in the coming weeks on news about that topic.


Thats all for today guys, remember to keep it Lethal. #LethalNRG

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